2000 sustainable & handcrafted windmills.
- A company gift out of the ordinary.

KK Wind Solutions wanted a unique and personal gift they could give to customers and business partners on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. KOLEKTO designed and produced a sculptural windmill in a simple idiom. With an eye for detail, the sculpture will be included as a decorative object in the interior of the home, where the elegant form will stand as a symbol of sustainable engineering art.

The future calls more than ever for sustainable solutions. The energy that binds society together and drives development forward must be sustainable. Wind turbines play a decisive role in the future development of energy production and conversion to renewable energy. In addition to contributing to sustainable development, the wind turbine is a stroke of engineering genius and a beautiful sculpture in the landscape. The slim body and large wings are an interplay between sculptural form and solid function, where the wind turbine's sustainable energy comes from nature itself. As suppliers to the wind industry, KK Wind Solution contributes to the sustainable energy supply of the future and we were proud to design and produce such a stylish and sustainable company gift for them.

The windmill is handmade in Denmark at KOLEKTO's workshop in Copenhagen and is crafted from sustainable oak wood and finished with organic oil.

 Watch the proces behind the design development and production of the windmill here: