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How do we implement sustainability in our production & design process?

The word sustainability is everywhere. But what actually lies behind the concept and how do you concretely implement this in a design process, from idea to product? Which aspects of sustainability can you as a designer and manufacturer influence to ensure that the term is not just used as a marketing term, but that there is action behind the words? And how can you as a consumer be sure that the product you buy is sustainable when the term is used and abused in so many contexts. At KOLEKTO, we concretely work with sustainability in all the aspects we can influence in our design and production processes, from idea to the finished product.
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We want aesthetics and sustainability to merge into a higher unity.

The aspects of sustainability we work with are : Sustainable design, Circular economy, Local production, Social sustainability and Aesthetic sustainability.

Local production :

All our products are designed and produced at our design studio and workshop in Copenhagen. We know that most production companies have their goods produced abroad, which is understandable as salaries, materials and operations are generally considerably lower...but all other things being equal, this means that it costs more in CO2 and it can be difficult to ensure that the materials, working and production conditions are sustainable. For us, it is important to keep production in Denmark. We love the big wide world, but there is something charming about goods being produced locally and for us it is a great value to be involved in the entire process from idea to the finished product.

Sustainable design :

We work with sustainable materials and we are constantly investigating new possibilities for how natural and sustainable materials can be used in our designs. We primarily work with wood. All our wood is  sustainably certified. We use vegetable varnish, organic paint, walnut oil or linseed oil for surface treatment.

Circular economi :

We develop and produce products with a minimum of waste and we strive for our products to have a lifetime. We use every millimeter of our wood. Every drop of our organic paint or plant varnish. We recycle everything we can and we give the products that are second sorted free of charge to various charity purposes. Nothing is thrown away. Instead of packaging, many of our products are delivered in a handmade box, on which you can have your name or a personal greeting engraved, this reduces waste, but more importantly it makes the product more personal and we think it appeals to people to take more care of a product when it has been personalised and hopefully become a design object one wants to take care off and keep throughout life.

Social sustainability:

It is a natural part of our company to create as much commitment as possible from all employees and business partners. We do this because it leads to the best design. All employees at KOLEKTO have an opinion and experience that can be used and all our products are developed jointly.
In addition to our own employees, we involve our suppliers and business partners in our design processes. We are in close dialogue with the companies that supply our wood, paint, oil, etc., as we want to get all the knowledge and sparring we can from them about their products and we want our collaborations with other companies to be ongoing. That is why we choose our suppliers carefully and we only work with companies that have a sustainable profile. The shops and companies we supply products to, we ask for advice on which products work well, if they have special wishes for a design, we do our best to develop a design that suits them and their profile.
We have developed sustainble and costumemade designs for many organisations and companies, which have been deveop in this way. Among others we have developed:

-Awards for the UN in occasion of the world climate conference in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.
- Decorative windmills crafted out of sustainable wood for suppliers in the windmill industry.
- Decorative building blocks crafted out of sustainable wood for REAL DANIA in the occasion of the world climate summit.
- Artworks for Merkur Bank in occasion of their 4o years anniversary ( Merkur bank is a sustainable bank)
- Awards and decorative building blocks made as a puzzle for Carlsberg & Carlsberg foundation
View the full list of costumemade design objects we have developed in the menu COSTUMEMADE.

Aesthetic sustainability.:

That aesthetics and sustainability must merge into a higher unity is the basic idea in all our designs. Although beauty and aesthetics are subjective dimensions, it is nevertheless a goal for us to work with materials, design language, craftsmanship and detail in a way where we do our utmost so that our products speak to peoples senses and natural inclination for beauty. We want our designs, to be objects that you want to have standing in front of you, that you take care of and take with you through life. Therefore it is possible to have a name and a personal greeting engraved on many of our products, this makes the product more unique and creates a greater degree of attachment.

All our products are handmade, they are not the result of an assembly line production. Thus, there will always be a slight variation in all our products, as a result of the human-made, some will think that these handmade traces are an expression of error. We believe that these traces give a product more value, the imperfect makes the overall experience more sensual and whole and as Leonard Cohen sings "... there is a crack in everything, thats is where the light gets in"

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