Spending a day at the Louisiana Museum, to enjoy a coffee on the terrace, take a dip in the sea, stroll around the various rooms and the surrounding park, is as great an experience as seeing one of their many exhibitions.
The way the building bodies weave in and out of the landscape in a fixed rhythm, where the boundaries between outside and inside are blurred, the elegant transitions between the materials of the buildings, the patterns from the joints of the bricks, the steady rhythm from the supporting wooden structures, play so beautifully together and on a drowsy summer day, when daydreams and associations are set free, it almost seems that the sculptures on the site reflect and comment on the people who move around between them...

Inspired by the landscape, the sculptures and the beautiful architecture, we have  worked with a series of motifs that have been named "Scenes from Louisiana". This has developed into a series of woodcuts and graphic art posters. The illustrations can be considered as a tribute to and a small love story with a narrative from the Louisiana Art Museum and the architectural gem it represents.

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